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"FollowApp helps you paint a picture of yourself. Just add some "Yes-or-No" questions about habits or health that you care about and FollowApp will track your daily answers. Get notifications to answer your questions on your Apple Watch. This is an "anti-social" app, so be honest - no one will ever see your answers but you! (Though you can always email your data to share with a doctor or friend).

FollowApp is designed to be a fun, fast (30 seconds per day or less), and interesting way to help build awareness around the daily behaviors and health issues that are easy to lose track of, but which can help us all live more organized, healthier lives.


For help: support[removethis]at[removethis]super [removethis] science [removethis] 3000 [removethis] dot [removethis] com

Private Policy (for humans)

FollowApp doesn't post to social media or share any personally identifiable account information or data with any third parties. Jen, Ray, and I (Greg) developed this app for ourselves to build better habits and live healthier lives; we figured other people might find a quick and simple habit/ health tracker useful, too. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide what you want to do and how to use it. So here you go - we hope you like it!

Private Policy (for lawyers)

FollowApp is designed to be a simple way to track answers to users users-defined yes-or-no questions. It does not - and is not intended to - constitute advice or professional medical services or treatment of any kind. This app should be considered for entertainment purposes only.

All persons seeking diagnosis, advice, aid, counsel, and/ or services should immediately seek their own independent medical treatment. Under no circumstances will the creators of FollowApp be liable for any injury, claim, cause of action, expense (including attorney???s fees), loss or damage of any kind whatsoever, whether direct, indirect, special or consequential, relating in any manner to FollowApp, caused by FollowApp, or the use hereof.

By using FollowApp you agree to and accept these terms.

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